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What is sensory analysis?

A very useful discipline to know the organoleptic properties of the products of the textile industry, etc., through the senses.

How can Sensory Analysis help me?

Get to know your products better by analysing their attributes in order to know which ones to boost. Once you have identified the attributes it is much easier to standardise, which will increase your product quality.

Do you need training in Sensory Analysis?

We have tailor-made training courses, both basic and advance. From work procedures to statistical techniques.

Is there any software to help me?
This software brings together key elements for sensory analysis.

  • Conduct surveys
  • Analyse them
  • Generate graphs

What else does SENSESBIT offer?

  • Management of projects
  • Management of products
  • Management attributes
  • Management of batches
  • Management surveys
  • Management of users
  • Export the answers to the surveys
  • Analyse answers with statistical techniques
  • Obtain interactive graphs of the results obtained with statistical techniques.
  • Export the graphs to images to be included in words, ppt,...


A software-as-a-service (SaaS) for sensory analysis.

What requirements does my device need in order to use SENSESBIT?

Internet access and a web browser

How can I access the platform?

Through the login, by typing the user and password, you will access your administrator area

What kind of device can I access SENSESBIT with?

You can access from any device: computer, tablet, cell phone, etc., regardless of its operating system.

Do I need a complementary program to SENSESBIT?

None. SENSESBIT is present throughout the entire sensory analysis process, from the moment the consumer carries out the survey to the visualization of the results, including all the necessary statistical processing, validation of the trained panel, cross-referencing of consumer and trained panel data to obtain the sensory key drivers...

Does the consumer access the same SENSESBIT platform as I do?

At SENSESBIT there are 3 roles: administrator, consumer and judge

  • The administrator accesses an area where all the modules necessary to perform the sensory study are available.
  • The consumer accesses an area where he/she is asked to enter the survey code, which will direct him/her to the relevant survey.
  • El juez accede a un área muy similar a la del consumidor, en la que la encuesta hablará de atributos más complejos del producto.

Do you offer technical support?

Online/phone training and technical assistance by specialised staff.

Could I see how SENSESBIT works?

Yes, request a demo and we will contact you

Can the results be exported?

In datasheets and in the SENSESBIT platform itself, viewing reports for agile decision making.

How long will it take to get the test results?

Results are immediate


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